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What we do impacts people, communities and the world – and never more so than now as our world faces unprecedented challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our global network of expertise and knowledge is yours, so you can create, deliver and succeed with certainty — not just today but into tomorrow.

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The pandemic changes our world in broad-reaching ways, from travel to trade, health systems to social equality, digital to cybersecurity, globalization to urbanization.

As visionaries, thinkers, doers, we are challenging the accepted and working with clients on both the seen and surprising ways that things are changing.

Our reimagined solutions drive resilient outcomes now through the pandemic to what comes next as the world changes and we face other unprecedented challenges.

Challenging today. Our unique approach to challenge what’s accepted, using our expertise and knowledge to rethink the way we solve problems.

Reinventing tomorrow. The outcome, from the innovations we build for our clients to the positive impact our solutions have on the world.

Our leading experts are thinking differently about the changing road ahead, what to expect and how to plan, and how to adapt and thrive by delivering resilient projects. Find out more about our reimagined solutions below.

Recent Updates

Jacobs' Ion© Industrial Internet of Things Platform Enables a Safe Return to Worksites

Jacobs leverages the power of digitization to help facilitate the safe return to on-premise work environments providing location-aware technology and automated intelligence supporting COVID-19 contact tracing efforts in the event of an outbreak.

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Improving Occupant Safety: colleagues elbow bump

Improving Occupant Safety Inside Buildings (During & Post COVID-19)

Jacobs Global Solutions Director of Buildings Systems Charles Funk delivers new reference material for building owners, managers, operators and occupants of buildings as the world navigates challenges and operational and design considerations for building systems both during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download report (PDF, 1.4 MB)

National League of Cities Distinguished Service Award

National League of Cities: Distinguished Service to Cities Award

National League of Cities recognized Jacobs with a Distinguished Service to Cities Award. We’re proud to support the "Cities Are Essential" campaign and take a leadership role in the COVID-19 response.

Watch our Freddie Fuller accept the award

COVID-19 Detection & Operations

COVID-19 Modeling solution

Jacobs Develops New Model to Help Clients Manage Remobilization of Public Operations and Capital Programs

A new, COVID-19 modeling software program developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge to assist in planning return to service for public operations and major capital programs.

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Jacobs Piloting Program to Monitor COVID‑19 Spread in Community Wastewater Streams

In an effort to better understand the spread of COVID‑19, our Digital Solutions, Water and Operations Management and Facilities Services teams are launching a pilot program to monitor wastewater streams at locations where we operate plants.

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Service Never Stops: Water, Wastewater Providers Play a Critical Role in Stemming COVID-19

The Global Water Leaders Group shares a virtual look at how some members of the Leading Utilities of the World initiative, for which Jacobs serves as a Foundation Partner, have been responding to the outbreak.

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Webinar 1

In the kNOW Webinar: Adapting Smart Water Metering Implementation During COVID-19

Learn how Jacobs is adapting delivery of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects during COVID-19 and the recent success the City of Columbia has had keeping their field installations on-track with accommodations for social distancing and modifications to customer engagement.

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Webinar 2

In the kNOW Webinar: Water Utility Resilience + COVID-19 Response

This installment in our webinar series sharing information on the hottest topics trending NOW from some of the foremost industry experts is focused on Water Utility Resiliency — from what it takes to plan and prepare for long-term issues such as climate change, to how to pivot planning and respond to unforeseen challenges such as COVID-19.

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Research & Life Sciences

AZ newsroom

Jacobs Selected to Help AstraZeneca Retrofit Ohio Manufacturing Facility

Jacobs was selected to provide engineering, procurement, construction management and commissioning / qualification / validation (EPCMCQV) to retrofit AstraZeneca’s West Chester, Ohio manufacturing facility to deliver a potential vaccine to fight COVID-19.

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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Support Efforts to Design Mechanical Ventilator Milano

The Canadian Nuclear Laboratories collaborates with organizations worldwide to develop, assemble and test the innovative emergency Mechanical Ventilator Milano to aid in the growing, urgent need for ventilators to provide relief to patients around the world who are suffering from the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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Lab work

Jacobs’ Laboratories Maintain Vital Work Throughout the Lockdown

Jacobs’ nuclear laboratories have remained open throughout the COVID-19 lockdown to provide critical support for the U.K.’s energy security and defence.

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Life Sciences

Advancing the Facilities of the Life Sciences Industry

Advances in medicine over the past 30 years have extended and improved the quality of life for people around the world. In this episode of Inflection Points, John Noble, Jacobs Vice President and General Manager, Life Sciences talks about the life sciences industry and how integrated project management helps firms get their facilities done on time.

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Scenes from NASA’s Johnson Space Center: Combatting COVID-19

At the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, teams are getting creative to aid in the response, including leading tests and developing a heat-based sanitization process to re-use masks multiple times.

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Noble article

How The Bio-pharma Sector’s Quest to Combat COVID-19 is Transforming Project Delivery

Jacobs VP and General Manager of Life Sciences John Noble reflects on the life sciences industry's incredible opportunity, during this pandemic, to influence the future for the better as we search for vaccines and therapies that will restore normality in our lives and re-imagine tomorrow.

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Health Systems & COVID-19

Podcast: Pandemic in the Pacific

Mark Newsome, director for HealthSolve Limited in New Zealand, and Matthew Holmes, Jacobs global director for Healthcare, share insights on trends in the health service delivery.

Health System Resilience

When it comes to emergency preparedness and response challenges, we’ll provide our best care so you can provide yours.

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Row of hospital beds

Dr. Nino Kharaishvili Joins Jacobs as Principal of the Company's Health System Resilience Practice

Nino Kharaishvili, MD, MBA, PMP, CMAP, a global expert in health security and health system emergency preparedness and resilience, has joined the company's Federal & Environmental Solutions team as Principal of the Health System Resilience practice.

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Jacobs Supports the World Economic Forum’s COVID-19 Efforts with a Call to Action

As Co-Chair of the Infrastructure and Urban Development Governors Committee, Jacobs Chair and CEO Steve Demetriou recently signed an open letter, on behalf of the Governors of the World Economic Forum Infrastructure and Urban Development Industry Community, in support of governments, states and cities responding to the COVID‑19 pandemic.

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CURA containers

Reimagining Shipping Containers → Emergency Intensive Care Units

Jacobs is joining forces with an international alliance to back a new project called CURA that is focused on turning shipping containers into plug-in ICU pods.

Image courtesy of CURA

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Business Continuity & Future of Work

Virtual Event Space thumbnail

Jacobs Strengthens Public Engagement Solutions with New Virtual Event Space

As part of Jacobs' global suite of digital solutions, our Virtual Event Space can be tailored to deliver deep and meaningful engagement for any client, partner or project.

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Keeping Us Connected: Proactive IT Services for Remote Working

Our IT team’s forward-thinking response ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic laid groundwork for a successful work-from-home environment. Read how, in this article, featuring insights from our Jacobs’ IT leaders.

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Child working on an experiment

How One Team is Bringing STEAM Education Home

Where others saw school closures as the end of their STEAM field trips and education, our team in Tampa, Florida saw an opportunity to go virtual and reach even more students.

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Child taking a class remotely

Inspiring the Next Generation: Jacobs’ Virtual Work Experience Program is a Hit!

No office? No problem. Our team is continuing to inspire the next generation in STEM subjects with a new virtual work experience program.

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Future of Work

The Purpose Of Place: Redefining The Future Of Work

Our interior design experts share their strategic considerations for redefining the future of work and returning to the office safely in Work Design.

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Value Shift: Understanding The Future of Workplace

Jacobs Design Principal Angela Bardino examines employees’ impact on both immediate business and subsequent end user groups in Mix Interiors magazine.

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Buildings & Infrastructure

The Big ReThink

Public Transit - Looking Beyond Today

Jacobs Director of Economics & Global Technology Lead Transport Economics John Siraut spoke along with other subject matter experts as part of The Big Rethink. The theme, How Public Transit Bounces Back, supported a conversation about ways to accelerate public transportation ridership and the importance of public trust in the post-pandemic world of urban mobility.

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When Transportation & Healthcare Intersect

When Transportation and Healthcare Intersect

Jacobs VP, Global Transportation Kevin Slack takes readers on a journey to the future of public transportation in a post COVID-19 world in this piece.

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City of Tucker

Jacobs Keeps Up the Rhythm of Public Works in Cities Nationwide

Amid this global health crisis, have you wondered what it would be like if you didn’t have clean water for drinking and washing your hands? Or what it would be like if roads and traffic signals near you hadn’t been maintained properly, making it more difficult to get to the grocery store or your doctor’s office? In communities where Jacobs performs public works services, these thoughts aren’t as worrisome.

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Featured Solution: Safe Buildings

Safe Buildings Need Clean Air and Water

Maintaining occupant safety after long-term closures of buildings including schools, public offices and private properties.

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Podcast: Aviation, Transportation and COVID-19: How Do We Move Forward?

In this episode, we look at the impact of COVID-19 on the aviation and public transportation industries, featuring insights from Kevin Slack, Global Vice President, Transportation, and Andrew Gibson, Global Solutions Director - Aviation.

Route to Recovery: Aviation + Health

Combining expertise in operational readiness, asset management, health systems and aviation, we have created tools and services to help airports around the world respond to the pandemic.

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Assisted Living

The Future of Assisted Living Accommodations is Looking Up

Can architecture help us successfully respond to the COVID-19 crisis? Jacobs Global Director for Architecture Solutions Pierluigi Montanini draws from lessons in history to consider what the future may hold in store for assisted living facilities.

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Built Assets Podcast

Managing Built Assets from Concept to Long-term Operations

How can businesses and municipalities use asset management as a strategic part of their operations to control costs, increase efficiencies and mitigate risks? To find out, we asked Nina Wollman, Jacobs Vice President and Global Director for Strategic Consulting and Steve Meininger, Vice President – Global Operations Management and Facilities Services to elaborate in this episode of Inflection Points.

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Smart Cities Podcast

Improving the Connectivity of the Smart City

As we look to the future of urban design, municipal services will be increasingly dependent upon better technological interconnectivity. We spoke with Monte Wilson, Global Market Director, Built Environment & Global Vice President, Jacobs, about the importance of good design and how it takes into account citizens, business, transportation, and a host of other considerations in this episode of Inflection Points.

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Artificial Intelligence, Data & Digital

Precision Agriculture: Ensuring Food Supplies for Tomorrow

Precision Agriculture: Ensuring Food Supplies for Tomorrow

In a new partnership with IntelinAir, we’re accelerating the digital transformation of the farming industry. Explore how this cool digital mapping technology is helping in the COVID-19 response in this article.

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RR assessments

Going Digital: Jacobs Helps Water Utilities Navigate Emergency Response Plans

Jacobs helps water utilities navigate potential crisis by developing risk and resilience assessments and emergency preparedness plans in real-time.

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Programming artificial intelligence

Konsept Projeler: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will (and arguably already does) make the planning process of the architects significantly easier, giving them access to data, creating models and interpreting today’s challenges to solve for tomorrow’s solutions. Jacobs’ Director of Emerging Technologies Natasha Luthra shares how in this Konsept Projeler feature.

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Automated Design podcast

Automated Design: Sketching Out the Future of Design

In this episode of If/When, we discuss AI and automated design with Matt Walton, Oracle's former Chief Design Officer for Artificial and Adaptive Intelligence, and Natasha Luthra, Director of Emerging Technologies at Jacobs.

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Digital imaging podcast

Digital Imaging: Seeing Things More Clearly

In this episode of If/When, we will be discussing advancements in digital imaging with Paul Reed Smith, Managing General Partner of Paul Reed Smith Guitars and founder and manager of Digital Harmonic; Mason Baron, chief technology officer at Digital Harmonic; Dr. Lisa Vanderbloemen, recently Jacobs’ Manager of the Exploration Science/Earth Science & Remote Sensing Unit; and Sarah Deitrick, Lunar Geoscientist and Simulant Specialist for Jacobs.

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Cybersecurity & Threats


Protecting Our Healthcare Heroes: Preventing Cyber Attacks During a Crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic commanding a lot of the time, attention and resources of our healthcare networks, cyber thieves are using that as an opportunity to attack. Jacobs Operations Manager, Director and Data Scientist for Cyber Charles Ramsay shares some insights on steps to take to help protect our healthcare providers.

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Caesar Nieves

Jacobs’ Caesar Nieves Recognized as a Top 25 Cyber Exec to Watch in 2020

Caesar is leading the charge as the company rapidly expands its global cyber footprint to meet the continuously evolving cyber threats facing national government and private sector clients globally.

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Cybersecurity podcast

Cybersecurity: The Benefits of Organizational Maturity

How well do you really understand the potential exposure to your data? Do you know where the dangers come from? If you’re a large organization, you’re a lucrative target for cyber criminals, as well as at risk for regulatory fines and class action lawsuits. What can you do? In this episode of If/When we will be discussing cybersecurity with Michael Morgan, Partner in the Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice at McDermott Will & Emery, and Susan Howard, Director of Federal Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) cybersecurity at Jacobs.

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In Our Communities

Woman looking through a window

New Report from Simetrica-Jacobs and the London School of Economics and Political Science on UK Wellbeing During COVID-19

Jacobs; subsidiary Simetrica-Jacobs and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) published a report looking at the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health and wellbeing of people in the U.K.

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Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Team Produces Face Shields

Creative use of 3D printer supply will enable CNL team to produce much needed equipment for the medical community to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Bright Spots in Our Communities: 5 Uplifting Stories

From volunteering to assemble to-go lunches for the less fortunate to donating LAN cables to keep students and teachers connected, we’re doing our part to bring our Culture of Caring into our communities during these unsettling times.

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Jacobs Project Manager Organizes Village-Wide COVID-19 Response

Gemma Goulding, a project manager in our Westlakes office in West Cumbria, U.K., works on decommissioning programs at the Sellafield nuclear site. But last month she turned her organizational skills to a different problem – helping those who are especially vulnerable to the COVID‑19 pandemic.

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A Message from Steve

A Message from Steve Demetriou, Jacobs Chair and CEO

This is a very unsettling time in the world. Each of us – along with our families, friends, colleagues and communities – are watching the development of the Coronavirus pandemic and grappling with feelings of concern and uncertainty. And while this is uncharted territory for all of us, the safety and well-being of our people and communities must remain our top priority.

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No Sew? No Problem: Thoughtful, 3D-Printed Kindness for Frontline Care Workers

Samantha O'Farrell, a civil engineer in our Jacksonville, Florida office didn't let her lack of sewing prowess stop her from helping to positively impact her community. Discover how she’s giving back in this article.

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