Q&A: Talking with Joseph Ciancimino, Senior Program Director, Philippines

约瑟夫谈到了他对通过交通和智慧城市项目来发展城市和国家的热情, 为标志性的大型项目提供战略领导,以及他对旅游的热爱, historic hotels and Disneyland.

At Jacobs, we’re driven by curiosity. We ask tough questions about the world’s biggest problems, dare to challenge the status quo, and discover bold, new possibilities to make our world smarter, more connected and more sustainable. Our Jacobs team in the Philippines, the island country of Southeast Asia, takes great pride in thinking differently, 大胆创新,重新定义什么可以给人和地方带来有意义的改变和持久的价值.

在这个专题中,威尼斯电玩城游戏下载联系到了雅各布菲律宾的高级项目总监, Joseph Ciancimino, one of the visionaries in our incredible Philippines team. He talks to us about 他热衷于通过交通和智慧城市项目来发展城市和国家, 为标志性的大型项目提供战略领导,以及他对旅游的热爱, historic hotels and Disneyland.

Tell us about your career background and role at Jacobs.

I was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, U.S.., in a rather small community. After studying economics at Carroll University, 我的职业生涯始于当地的电信和光纤网络项目. 很快,我的职业生涯得到了成长,并领导了越来越大的国家民用基础设施项目. 

Beyond the U.S., I’ve lived and worked in the Middle East, Europe, U.K., North Africa, Australia, South East Asia, the Caribbean, Brazil and Canada. I now work and live in the Philippines.

I’ve spent nearly 30 years providing strategic leadership and innovative perspective to develop smart cities, airports and aerotropolises, metro/rail, transit-oriented developments (TOD), hotels/resorts, city developments and other iconic mega- and giga-programs globally. I’ve served as a global vice president, senior executive and board member of development organizations, managing strategic initiatives for the World Bank, USAID, the Saudi Public Investment Fund, World Cup, G20, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and other private investor organizations. 目前,我负责新马尼拉国际机场的规划和交付工作.

What sparked your interest in a STEAM career?

Starting with my background in economics, 我发现参与促进经济和社区发展的项目是一件令人兴奋的事. 成为地铁和机场等项目的一部分是一件令人惊讶的事情,这些项目雇用了数千名员工,是人们日常生活的中心.

What are you most passionate about and what’s the favorite part of your role?

我非常热衷于利用我的经验和专业知识,通过交通和智慧城市项目帮助城市和国家发展他们的社区. It’s incredible to see how these projects can change a city socially, economically, as well as environmentally. 


In your role, how are you challenging today and reinventing tomorrow?

从我在电信行业的最初日子起,我就一直拥抱技术和创新. Over the past several years, I’ve been part of Jacobs’ Innovation-as-a- Service initiative as it complements the programs that I’m involved with, such as smart cities, metro/rail and airports. 威尼斯电玩城游戏下载不断地展望未来,这样的项目可能会持续几十代人, 作为规划这些大型基础设施项目的一部分,威尼斯电玩城游戏下载也有必要为它们的未来创建一个数字总体规划,其中包括人工智能(AI)等技术。, internet of things (IoT), robotics, automation, digital twins, as well as innovations that we’ve not even dreamt of yet.

Tell us about your first project at Jacobs and its impact on the community.

我在雅各布斯的第一个角色是领导沙特公共投资基金(PIF)在沙特阿拉伯的大型项目和项目组合. 很高兴能够与沙特阿美和PIF合作,为Jacobs创建新的Jasara组织, 以及为世界上一些最大的发展项目提供战略领导.

这些项目组合将在沙特产生重大影响,因为它将创造数百万个新社区, tourist destinations, and critical infrastructure such as airports and transportation systems. 最重要的是,这些项目为沙特阿拉伯的居民创造了数千个新的工作和机会. 

Joseph 2

How about your proudest moment at Jacobs?

成为Jasara的建立和领导的一部分是非常令人难以置信的, the partnership between Jacobs, Saudi Aramco, and Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF), 计划和发展一些世界上最大的项目,比如阿卜杜拉国王金融区, NEOM, Amaala, and Red Sea developments. 这些项目超出了基础设施和土地开发的规模和规模,令人惊叹, 而是他们对国家和沙特人民的社会和经济影响. Having the fortune to work with some of the best global talent, 以及沙特政府领导层,包括王储穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼·阿勒沙特, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, was the opportunity of a lifetime.

What are some of our challenges we’re looking to solve in the Philippines?

菲律宾是一个了不起的国家,它是世界上经济增长最快的国家之一. With rapid growth, 中国在扩大交通基础设施方面面临着重大挑战. 威尼斯电玩城游戏下载期待通过各种倡议支持该国,包括发展新的马尼拉国际机场, which is planned to be a new global hub airport. Additionally, 威尼斯电玩城游戏下载的目标是通过地铁等交通项目来支持菲律宾的经济扩张, rail, roadways and ports.

Joseph rail


因为我参与过许多标志性的和非凡的项目,所以很难只选择一个, the Doha Metro, as I’ve been involved with it in two separate phases: planning and delivery. 从概念到操作,这是一个特殊的项目,因为它是一个大规模的绿地地铁项目,旨在改变国家的基础设施, as well as its culture. The program had many unique and interesting challenges – for instance, the size of the project, the logistics, manpower requirements, design challenges, and most of all the schedule.  Perhaps what was truly amazing was that it all came together as planned, with several metro lines finishing early!

People would be surprised to know that …

I’m a bit of a Disneyland fanatic!  Since my first visit to the Disney World as a three-year-old, I’ve absolutely loved Disney and other theme parks. I’ve travelled throughout the world just to visit Disney parks and resorts. While I enjoy the rides, it’s the history, the storytelling and the immersive theming that I find truly interesting. I was extremely fortunate that briefly during my career, I was involved in the planning phases of the Warner Bros. theme park. 

When you’re not at work, you enjoy…

As with my career, 我非常喜欢和家人一起环游世界——我有机会参观了很多神奇的地方. I’m also a hotel enthusiast and history buff!  也许是基于我的职业生涯,包括开发度假村和酒店, as well as my love for travel, I revel in learning about the history, the structure and the operations of great hotels. I love staying in some of the great historic hotels throughout the world as well.

What do you enjoy most about being part of #OurJacobs?

At Jacobs, I’ve been involved with organizations in Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E、加拿大,现在还有菲律宾,这些国家都有真正的关爱文化.  It’s great to be working with Jacobs, 一个创新和解决方案的领导者,相信挑战今天,重塑明天,成为一个伟大的公司和一个以价值观为核心的雇主.

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