Solving the Climate Challenge

Climate change is truly one of the greatest challenges and opportunities of our generation. There isn’t an area of the world, a business or government, a community or individual that won’t be impacted. How we collectively respond will determine the ultimate success in building a healthier, safer, more sustainable and resilient future for all people and our planet.

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Acting on climate change requires all of us to work together – governments, businesses, communities and individuals – in developing a sustainable future for generations to come.

As a Global Strategic Partner of the World Climate Forum, we are helping our industries, clients and communities transform commitments into actions that support a net zero future and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We continue to draw on our global experience and advise on resilient solutions, innovative partnerships and sustainable policy and investment frameworks to help accelerate action for the transformative change needed. At Jacobs, we see every day as an opportunity to make the world better.

Steve Demetriou talks to The Geographer about the important role natural capital approaches play in supporting the delivery of some of the most challenging environmental targets. Read more here.

Penny Borton and Darren Grafius explore the potential for nature-based solutions in supporting net-zero targets and how organizations can practically identify opportunities. Read more here.

During COP26 Steve Demetriou spoke to Climate Action about what we're doing as a firm to tackle global climate-related challenges. Read more here.

In support of the global drive to net zero and action on climate change, Jacobs has become a Global Strategic Partner for the World Climate Forum, a recently launched initiative spearheaded by not-for-profit organization World Climate Foundation. Read more here.

Ahead of COP26, Jacobs' President and Chief Financial Officer, Kevin Berryman, shares his perspectives on the future of sustainable finance and where we see the biggest opportunity to positively address climate change. Read more here.

The Geographer, Special Edition 2021, Glasgow COP26, Scotland's Climate Journey to a Net Zero World

Out now! From nature-based solutions, circular economy strategies and the role of digital innovation in climate change, to the way we inspire and nurture our future changemakers, we’ve teamed up with the Royal Scottish Geographical Society to bring you all this and more in The Geographer Special COP26 Edition. Read more here.

“At Jacobs, we recognize the critical role we play – both in how we operate our business and in the climate action, decarbonization and sustainability solutions we implement in partnership with our clients to – benefit people and the planet.”

Steve Demetriou
Jacobs Chair and Chief Executive Officer

“The focus for net zero right now is on enabling delivery – and this requires all of us to work together – businesses, governments and communities around the world. The interface with businesses and cross-industry partnerships is vital to informing policy, stimulating innovation, sharing learning and, ultimately, improving action.”

Zoe Haseman
Jacobs Vice President, Global Sustainability

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